Family Resource Center (FRC)
  • What are We?
    Family Resource and Youth Services Centers (FRYSCs) are stepping stones to assist students and families in overcoming educational barriers. The FRYSC Program was established by the Kentucky Education Reform Act in 1990. The primary goal of FRYSCs is to remove barriers to students' learning. These school-based centers are designed to promote the flow of resources and support to families in ways that strengthen the functioning and that enhance the growth and development of individual members of the family unit. Each center has a unique blend of programs, referrals, and partnerships, depending on location, available services, local need, and community input. In schools with centers, teachers report improved student performance in schoolwork, homework, and peer relationships, and parents report greater satisfaction and involvement with the schools.

    Our regular hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Appointment for times other than these hours may be possible. Please call Mrs. Young at (502) 485-3827.
  • Services Provided
    · Seven Counties School-Based Services
    · Clothing and School Supply Assistance
    · Neighborhood Place Referrals
    · Child Protective Services Advocacy and Referral
    · Childcare Providers Training Opportunities
    · After School Activities
    · Enriching Education
    · Health Promotion
    · Family Fun Night
  • Ms. Young

    Phone: (502) 313-4409